Thursday, October 22, 2009

Notes from the studio

The Red Apples have been in the studio recording some of their new songs as well as some cover material -but all acoustically! The studio is often fraught with so much (possible) angst. We Apples are kind of "git em in, git em out" types when it comes to recording. We do a couple of takes and call it a day. I think on "Bump Bounce Boogie" we did like one take. Crazy yes? Well, we are paying for it ourselves, so got to be quick about it. But also, hey, we've played that song a few times. Pretty much know how it goes...and here's the other thing. If you are doing twenty takes you can always find something wrong with allllllllllll of them. You can nitpick yourselves to death. Ron and I are both total perfectionists ( he's a Virgo sun and Virgo rising, I'm a Virgo moon with other planets as well in the persnickity sign) so it's best to just get it over with. And whoops, here come's Dave also on guitar-another Virgo! (also a very musical sign...). The same goes for tweeking the mix. This can go on forever. Sheesh.
But we are looking forward to getting out again and playing more, acoustically and otherwise. Had a great time at Gallery Cabaret, where some lovely young ladies were fairly schnockered but dancing up a storm with some buddies of Ron's. Ron by the way, lead the Apples into some wild and crazy territory with some jamming that seemed to cross the boundries of time and space. One fan said he was "Mozart on the guitar". Nice.