Monday, June 14, 2010

How about going to lessons regularly?

Ok here we many of us voice teachers as well as other music teachers have had this issue? (I'm guessing every single one!) Students who don't prioritize their lessons and miss them on a consistent basis. These are the same ones who inevitably cry and moan that they are having problems with their voice and/or lack consistency in their singing. WHA?????????????? Alright I'm kinda joking around but this is a real issue. IF you want to learn to, say, play the piano, you are gonna have to practice. Ditto guitar, flute, oboe, bagpipes, didgeridoo whatever! Yes? Well the same goes for your singing dudes and dudettes. Your voice is a musical instrument that you are attempting to master. It has all kinds of subtlety and nuance to come to terms with and even though you use your voice all day every day (more or less) becoming an excellent singer involves a true commitment to singing and music and the care and training of your voice. There are no shortcuts to the art of singing any more than there are to training for a marathon or getting a degree or any other pursuit that is worthwhile. So show up for the lesson! And practice!!!!!!!!!!