Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Singing with Inspiration

"Singing must come from an internally inspired and uplifted place." I find that the emotion of inspiration creates a relaxation within the lower body muscles which makes for a wonderful feeling in singing. Elastic energized flexible muscles are the result; a state of the body which I strive to achieve with my singers. It is important to remember that each of us must experience successful singing before the 'emotion of fear' will drop away.
from "How to Apply Technique to Repertoire" by David L. Jones
This is an excellent quote with which I heartily concur. In it Mr. Jones is quoting Alan Lindquist, one of the foremost vocal researchers of his day.
I always tell my students that when they are singing properly they will achieve a feeling of euphoria. The breath will be balanced and the body will feel energized and, yes, inspired. The sound flows without overly strenuous exertion, and hopefully, the feeling that the music is conveying will be embodied by the singer as well. This is ultimately what we are trying to achieve, yes?

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