Thursday, June 23, 2011

Poem for My Mother

I wrote this a few days before Mother's Day this year.

Poem for My Mother

Oh Elemental Force of Nature!
Your face-
Still delicate and fine
Your eyes still laugh
Your voice steady
And like a child’s sometimes-
But hands can’t clasp
Nor fingers find

Your legs aren’t strong
But your mind is yet
You rival most
With wisdom and wit
Your Will is like an iron gate
To be crossed
Only by the Initiate

Your Love All-Encompassing
Your Spirit keen
Your Grace steeled by Fire in Faith
Your History a Book well worn
A Song of Songs, an Epic Poem

Your Beauty has not failed nor faded
Distinctly etched on Time
Each memory a Grain of Sand
Each Grain a Work
That you Created

You surround yourself in Light
Where’er you find your Way
And Light shall Encounter Light
On that blissful saddest day
Your fingers will be pressed in His
Your head on His Shoulder rest
As you gaze upon His Sweetest Garden
Amongst His very Best

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