Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The blog in blogger

I am trying the new blogger interface and not sure how I feel about it. I like the various views and interesting way that people can sort through stuff on your blog, but am missing my comments, followers and connections to my other web links, like facebook and my webpage and band page.Those all seem to be gone with the new interface....Wha??? Maybe they are still working on it, or am I missing something?
I am also struggling with the concept of the mishmash that is my blog. Singer stuff, singing teacher stuff poetry and song? Maybe it's all too much... But the thought of managing more blogs is somewhat daunting. What say you readers? Should I be separating this stuff? And how are you going to tell me without the dang comment box? HELP!
 In the meantime, stay tuned, for a discussion about diction in singing! So many vowels, so many consonants!


  1. Hi Wendy!

    I totally agree with your post! When you do lots of creative things it can be tough to focus it all and to share it all in a blog space. Me too! Me too! - I started 1, then 2.. got up to 4 blogs! Then I freaked out and started shutting them down and considered leaving blogging altogether.

    So, what I'm doing now is reinventing the way I blog, refocusing, recommitting and put up one umbrella blog at

    It's all about my creative life and connecting with other creatives - bigger than just wax, bigger than just artist + mom, and a place I can bring other tools that I want to share.

    I love the new look you're trying and hope my comment shows you that your not the only one! You are multi-talented - right! So just go with it! ;)

    Love to here your thoughts on my new space. Thanks for following Artist+Mom (closing this month)

  2. Thanks for the helpful feedback Roxanne! I now see that I can see the comments on individual posts too, so that is good to know. I am going to go check out your new "creative umbrella" now. (I like that). I do think sometimes I have to control all this creative energy but then again, maybe not! ;-)