Monday, March 17, 2014

The Phenom of stopping just when things get going… 2/23/14

I am still surprised at how often I experience this, both in my studio with students and I must confess, for myself, as well.  Someone comes to me for lessons, or they start coming to the Singer's Salon, or they are pursuing their artistic dream in one form or another. They are perhaps just starting to make headway, they are getting deeper, they are starting to confront the real “issues’ - and they stop. The process of developing your artistic skills, mining your gold as an artist, so to speak, is somewhat like therapy in that sense. We find the real goods and fear wells up and we run screaming from the lesson, session, workshop, audition process or --fill in the blank. We run from the studio, the blank page, the collaboration when things get going, when things get DIFFICULT. And of course this is just the time to hunker down and get to work, for here is where we will find our true dilemma and our true voice. We must write through, sing through, work through this discovery process but fear- fear overtakes us? Why?
What are we really afraid of?
sunset bird

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