Tuesday, April 5, 2011

possible new song....

 In fact Jaroslaw and I have been collaborating on this and it has turned into a tango! Velly interesting....so far a challenging process, we are not done yet but it is getting there. Can't wait to have it done and perform it!

The Dance

Did you hear as I started my song
I looked up as you came through the door
The vista of your surprise
Left me lying sideways on the floor

But I picked myself up
Metaphorically that is
And I reached for your hand
Sardonically you grinned
Our eyes met in motion
We swayed round the room
And we danced till the dawn of the doom…

Did they hear as we started our dance
Did they know that it almost was done?
The silence of those all around
Left me hopelessly dizzy  and stunned

As we reached the crescendo
Some slight  innuendo
Left me sighing tremendous
The music was halting
The starstruck were waning
The reason was their
In the stuff of our dreams….

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