Sunday, March 27, 2011

More about process?

It occurs to me that I have been obsessing about my creative process for far too long. It wasn't always this way....there was a time, before marriage, before baby, before day job, second marriage, middle age ...when my creative life was just everything! Looking back on it, I was in such a different struggle than I am now. I guess when we are young we tend to take certain things for granted-especially time! Now time-finding it, managing it-is perhaps the greatest challenge.
But here I go, daydreaming about having more time...regretting the days gone by (when I was actually, for the most part, miserable) instead of just taking the time to make, do, be...
I think another part of this dilemma is that I want want want long days stretching into nights where my time is devoted to these various processes....instead of squeezed into an hour here, part of a morning there. The monster demands to be fed.

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