Saturday, January 5, 2013

Singer's Salon January 2013!!!

Thanks to everyone who has been coming out to the Singer's Salon at the new location and special thanks to Dan Neniskis and the staff at 3160-Chicago's Piano & Cabaret. So far the feedback has been good. Everyone seems to be enjoying the ambiance of the space, and of course, the general vibe of the Salon is never anything but POSITIVE! I have been so gratified to see students, friends, and colleagues, as well as complete and total strangers, come forth and share their talents with their peers. Not only are we hearing some great singing, we are hearing lots of interesting songs, some old favorites, some totally new and original tunes, and sometimes a twist on the old and new combined. As we start off the new year I just want to stay a giant thank you to everyone who is participating in the Salon. YOU ROCK.

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