Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The rescue mode Negates neutrality Resulting in an ode To fatality.

When I look inside my heart
And see a clear path
 I think who is this?
And scurry into the brambles.

When I let my mind breathe it finds its own peace
Its own pieces of what is now
Instead of what was, what could be
And I release that that that
That which never was
That which can never be.
The rain comes and who can blame the rain.
Fall falls
Spring springs
Life lives
Whether we participate or not.

I can go alone to my execution
(As I have so many times)
Only to be resurrected once again
Only to be revived by the sweet taste of lips
Only to be stirred by the warm beam on my brow
Only to plunge once again headlong
Back to the abyss
The familiar the addiction
Of my neediness

Our similarity is paralyzing in its completeness
Each mirroring
The others wrongs and rights
A spiral of discontent

Can we still touch each other in the mirror
Can we see beyond the shadows?
Or is it just another reflecting pool inside
The inside thee inside

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